Friday, September 10, 2010

Strawberry hats for the girls

For whatever reason I was thinking of my nieces the other day and decided that since it is close to the birthday for one, I would make them each a hat. I started with the oldest and pulled out that Lion Brand red yarn. I couldn't tell you what color red but it wasn't all that expensive, just difficult to see when trying to crochet with it.
 It does appear less red and more pink in this photo but it's more of a Cherry red.  The fringe is Red Heart multi color Candy Print (med 4).  I made a yellow flower and white and stitched them together.  Then made a strawberry from the Candy Print and stitched it on as well.  The back is covered with a flat crocheted piece so that if she likes she can glue a clip on it and use it in her hair or leave the ribbon on it and keep it tied to the hat.
The pic looks as if there are holes but after washing those are not there.

Underneath and top of the strawberry

So here is both hats.  Yes I had to use a ball and a glass of water because try as I might I couldn't get the boys to wear the girl hats and stand together all girlie.

This is the hat for my younger niece.  I used the Candy Print on the entire hat but used regular Red Heart Cherry Red on the strawberry and Lily Sugar'n Cream Dark Pine on both stems.

Once again, I do LOVE the Sugar'n Cream yarns because they're cotton and their thickness but sometimes they are too thick if I'm doing smaller projects.  It was hard and I worried it was too thick but it worked out nicely. :)

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