Sunday, September 26, 2010

La la la la Elmo's World

I couldn't help but get that song stuck in my head as I did this hat on barter with a friend.  I get a swank carrying pouch for my crochet hooks in trade for this hat. :D  I'm so SO excited!  She always makes the most fantastic things and I can hardly wait to see this one too!  BTW her link is, as always, on the right side of this page.  Leila owns Binding Threads Embroidery and does so much more than what's on her page.  If you have an idea, email her and she'll try to craft it up for you!  Leila knits, crochets, paints, sews and she's a fiber artist like no other.

Ok, now that I've given my girl a big head and mad props, on to her hat.  She's doing several projects right now and offered up a trade.  I am in need of something other than a small coffee can to put my things in for my "habit".  I've seen crocheted Elmo hats and they are adorable.  I wasn't sure if I could do one up myself.  In her email she mentioned her baby might like pompoms on it for the eyes or something.  Being that I suck with pom poms I offered to do a big pom pom for the nose instead of eyes.  I ran right down to the pom pom store in search of a giant orange one for the hat.  By pom pom store I mean AC Moore of course. :p  It took a good deal of looking though because, believe it or not, they're not a hot commodity these days.  I know.  Baffling.  hahaha  They really did have lots more than I expected and did have two large orange ones in a bag with others.  (Hint, I have an extra for another hat if you'd like one.) 

As it so happens I did not have my usual Red Heart yarn for this project.  I thought I did.  All I happened to have is Cherry Red Sport.  It's beautiful but but I wasn't expecting it to be so light so I got half way through the hat and realized it was just too darned big, unraveled the whole thing and started again.  I love what I do and I certainly want it to look as good as it looks in my head.  This one will look better after washing and air drying of course but heeeeeeeeeeeere's Elmo!

I had the eyes way too far apart and took them off and re-did them.  They really do look perfect when I don't squish the pom pom a bit upon moving the hat.  sigh.  I don't have anything like a wig holder or styrofoam head yet so I'm using whatever is handy.  Today it's a cd spindle. :p  If you would like one they are $20 and can be washed before they leave me unless you would like to wash them yourself (because some have allergies and use very specific detergents).

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