Monday, September 6, 2010

My First Creation

With a title like that I feel like Dr Frankenstein (pronounced Frahnk-en-steeen).  Now to unveil my first creation BWA  HA  HA  Haa ... oh.  Yeah.  *steps out of the lab and closes the door*
This was more like my 4th creation.  I made a handbag with black and gray yarn and put wooden beads on it (I'll have to find a picture of that one).  The thought was nice but the beads were not really lined up well and the stitches weren't what I'd hoped.  LittleBit, my model here, loves using it for his toys.  I followed up with a yellow bag but before I could attempt to put a strap on there, the kids began using it for a hat.  With the bottom corners as ears they pranced around being cats.  Finally, LittleBit asked if I could make him a hat.  I made one that was more poofy and girly than I'd hoped.  I was watching videos on youtube and threadbanger plus mixing things up trying to be original as well.  Hm.  Not so much what I'd wanted.  So that went to the side and this one was born.

I used Red Heart 324 - Bright Yellow to make the hat.  I nabbed it at Walmart for around $3.26 or so.  At this point it was nothing more than a yellow hat.  The size was good as was the stitching.  My hubby came home and said to LittleBit, "Oh look at that, you have a Pikachu hat!".  Thus the Pikachu hat was born.  I found pictures via google and a wonderful design on deviant art to go by.  I wasn't really sure about the ears she'd done but thought, why not.  I'll give it a try.  One cheek is a tad lower than the other.  On those I used something similar to this but can't remember the name.  It was fuzzy and looked pretty in the store but due to it's bulk (and my inexperience at the time) I had a hard time using it.  Trying to go under your chain is difficult when you can't see where it is.  Black was a 4 weight by Sugar'n'Cream which I got at a local AC Moore.  It's beautiful but as I've learned with amigurumi, it doesn't give much.  What I mean is it's the same weight (4) as the average Red Heart classic yarns but it's a thick cotton rather than a thinner acrylic.  Eyes were a weight 4, Red Heart Sport 0001 White.

I don't think this hat was too shabby considering I was a noob.  The nose was a bit wide and while the photo looks as if the eyes were not even / round, they really are.  I've not made a pattern for this yet but intend to do so when I'm done with some current projects.  (By pattern I mean one that's a more perfected version than this.)


  1. Ha! That's awesome! I'm just starting crocheting myself. And man, is that Red Heart yarn tough to work with!

  2. LOL Yeah it is! I'd love to find some thinner stuff for the same price. If I find one that's a good price, their color selection stinks. Isn't it always the way. :p