Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Eyed Wacky Monster

My kids come home with the strangest things sometimes.  For a couple of years we've had this little rubber/plastic finger puppet with an alien head.  It's very small but really funny.  The kids adore it.  They likely got it out of some dentist basket, "hey kids I'd love to give you candy so you'll be back quicker but the ADA asked me to stop doing that so here's a toy!"

I thought it was so funny I'd make a hat.  Two actually.  One is very large and fits an adult and another that fits Lil Bit and smaller.  Roughly ages 2-6 I would venture.  I was making this one for my nephew but since Lil Bit doesn't want to part with it, I may have to make another. :p

Two horns, one eye and a tooth.  The tooth is the funniest part I think, but one thing I noticed most about when the kids put on a hat ... they have it on sideways.  The tooth reminds them that it's the front.  And that they look goofy but really that's just a bonus.

Here's Lil Bit now.  The eye does seem a bit too puffy but I can either make it smaller with less padding or just make it flush with the hat.  That's up to you.  Please be sure to specify that when you order.  All hats are $20 unless otherwise specified.  I can change the colors on this one if requested.  Colors used are White, Spring Green and Coffee

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