Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thankfuls for Nov 1st and 2nd

Crochet isn't the only thing we do around here.  The Hubs is super crafty as well.  Hell, he's great at everything he touches but he refuses to say he's talented.  He can't even take a compliment and say "Thank You, you know it is quite good". :)  He is a great musician, computer tech, web design, construction worker, construction biz behind the scenes guy and carpenter.  He's a superb husband and father too and my first Thankful For is for my Hubs.  I'm thankful to have someone who loves me and the boys and gives me the opportunity to stay home and take care of the homeplace and crochet.  That being said though, I love him more. :D

So, Nov 1st :  Yesterday we had a young woman and her grandfather come over to see a table Hubs made to sell.  It is a gorgeous table.  6 ft long and lightly stained in Oak.  Two of the 12 ft boards ended up much darker and the breadboards on the ends look like they didn't stain at all.  It is so pretty we wish we didn't have to sell it.  Truth be told we already have an 8 ft table so we'd need to take it out for a smaller table or try to make enough room for both, which simply couldn't happen.  ( Also anyone looking to buy it can email me or go to GoLSN between now and November 24th ).
Yesterday's thankful is that we had someone look at it that may want to buy it.  Not just that but it would go to someone who truly loves family.  She has two kids and her husband has three and while they don't have them all the time, when they do they want a table for all of them.  They do wish it had seat backs and that it was a high table, so they may not buy it.  Just the fact they responded and came a long way to look sure meant a lot.

Nov 2nd : Today I woke to our first hard frost.  It was such a great reminder that I am thankful for so very much.  I've had a terrible cough for two weeks now but I'm thankful I was able to sleep last night without a dose of nyquil.  I'm thankful I was able to get up and walk down the stairs with no knee pain ( I was playing with the dog and "slid into home" when I forgot I was wearing wet shoes, hit the just washed linoleum in the hall, slid and slammed my right knee into the air vent protector and sliced up my knee ... genius! ).  I am thankful that we finished digging and plowing up the garden extension before the frost.  I seriously can't take credit for that though, Hubs is a pretty awesome farmer too and has worked his butt off on the garden this year. 

I am also crazy thankful that around 11 ish (maybe 10, I dunno, time "fell back" today) that I gave in and took an Advil Cold and Sinus.  (With all the new laws in place to keep methheads from buying up cold pills for drugs, I have a hard time getting the only med that helps.  The pharmacist requests that I get a prescription for an over the counter medication, makes copies of my drivers license every time even though I have all that in their file and I only go 2-3 times a year for a box anyway but when I do have it I have to really treasure it, I mean when I'm sick I have to ask if it's sponge worthy!).  I took the med and continued to feel dizzy and sick for a while.  I did the dishes and went downstairs to see if I could help the Hubs on a new table he's building and started some laundry.  Sometime in all that I caught my first real wind of the day.  All in all I swept the entire basement and the outside concrete slab clean of all leaves (and saw our first baby bat sleeping under our back porch which was weird and cute), 3-4 loads of laundry, cleaned up boxes in the basement, swept the kitchen and dining room, moved things around and scrubbed all my counters.  Then I cleared off stuff in the dining room, scrubbed the table and on top of the china cabinet.  I even put away some of the laundry and cut the teenager's hair.  I was on FIRE!  And now Hubs and I are watching the Steelers kick some booty.

OH OH and I got word from my cousin that she got the Fox Hood for her little boy and he also LOVES it!  Such a blessing, really.  I love to crochet but just watching people get excited when they get it makes it worth while.  To see a little guy so flipping cute wear it and LOVE it that much... I'm so glad I am able to give that joy to others. :D  Little B here is a cutie patootie and I'm so glad he likes it.

I love November because every day we should remember what we are thankful for, not just Nov.  While Thanksgiving was never what we learned it was, it's all about being thankful and spending time with loved ones (and eating enough to be able to fit in the Manatee Grey clothes at Target and hibernate till spring...or at least Christmas).  Every day this month I hope to post things I am thankful for so stay tuned and comment your thankfuls!

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