Monday, November 3, 2014

More Who? Why, Yes thank you.

Several posts ago I had written about my Doctor Who love.  A few months ago I used some of the beads and things I had gotten with the first necklace I created and made a lovely keyring and necklace.  The keyring has the sneaker for Doctor 10, David Tennant, the Tardis of course and the wolf for Rose Tyler who was... SPOILER... the Bad Wolf.  The  keyring is on my Etsy site.  I only have one of these currently but more could be made with what pendants I have remaining.  I also have a necklace similar to the first one but this necklace has the converse sneaker for #10 and the banana is for Doctor 9, Christopher Eccleston.  In episode 10, Season 1 Doctor 9 says "There's a banana grove there now. I like bananas. Bananas are good." and later tells Jack "Go now! Don't drop the banana!  Jack: Why not? The Doctor: Good source of potassium!" and in a later season Doctor 10 says "Always bring a banana to a party" Season 2, Episode 4.  The necklace is also on my @Home Ninja shop, Necklace v2.

Last, but not least, is a Doctor Who lantern.  This is not an actual Doctor Who product but fan art.  I found this corrugated metal lantern, primed and painted it in a color similar to Doctor Who blue (the image is a bit brighter than the actual finished product).  It also has glass on all 4 sides and I put in a battery powered candle.  Unsurprisingly, the lantern is on my Etsy shop and the price is negotiable if you message me.

And now for my Thankful For!
Nov 3 : You guys!  Every one of you that have been checking out my blog and my crafts.  Shop handmade.  If not with me, then with someone else.  I hope in the coming days to compile a list of people who hand craft items and share those with you.  The holidays are coming and you will love giving gifts that someone created with their own hands.  Promise. :)

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