Thursday, November 6, 2014

Owl Baby Sets and 3 days Thankful ;)

Aw Owl babies!  All 4 of these are were infant sized hats and I did end up doing diaper covers and booties with them too in the same color patterns.  Hot Pink and Heather Grey, I don't know what the light pink is as it was clearance with no label and Heather Grey, Light Sage and Sagey Green, Country Blue and Buff Fleck.  I think that one's my favorite.  Any of them can have bows put on for girls but they're still adorable.

I've also done them in a bright orange, off white and yellow for a Candy Corn look.  This one comes with the hat, diaper cover, booties and lovey.  It's $40 for anyone asking but it's not on my Etsy shop so you'll need to email me.  You see I have a friend locally who is selling the hats in her storefront.  However, we do live in a small town so it's not always easy to get stuff sold.

Now on to things I'm thankful for:
November 4th : I was thankful that I sold a pattern.  I was still setting up the bank and paypal information so it took a while to get that fixed but still, every little pattern helps. :)  Also we received a text from the woman who saw the table Saturday and she wants to wait.  It stinks but I'm thankful that there's still the opportunity to sell it to them later or someone else.  I did, however, forget the boys eye doc appointment but they were happy to reschedule.

November 5th :  Sold a table!  John had been asked if he could do a table without stain or finish so they could save money on it.  That's just what we did.  The woman and her daughter came to get it and though it was in the rain (which made us anxious because it's an unfinished table) AND they loved it so much they're considering a table for the daughter and two possible coffee tables in large squares.  Even if they don't want what they mentioned, they were nice and we got $275 in grocery money. :D

November 6th : Today was grocery day and we got word about having friends over Saturday.  Not only that but my sis in law finds out today if her baby girl is coming out tomorrow, if it will be CSection or Natural birth.  AND I have two possible hat orders.  Feeling truly blessed. :D

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