Saturday, November 8, 2014

Only thankfuls today

That's right, no crafts, just blessings.

Nov 7 : Yesterday was awesome.  For yesterday I have to say I am thankful for the hospital.  The hospital visit the oldest kiddo had in February, that was paid mostly out of our pockets because insurance lost the kids in the system, finally said "oh yeah we will bill the insurance and give you a refund on what you paid in."  That enabled us to buy groceries DURING mortgage week (which doesn't happen.  ever.) and it also allowed us to repay 1/2 of a debt.  I'm thankful my uncle was able to help us and we could send him 1/2 back.  I'm also thankful that on Nov 7 some 22 years ago my niece was born and yesterday another niece was born.  John's sis Kate had her second child, a girl.  Both are healthy and happy.

Nov 8 : Today's blessing is friends.  John and I don't have people over really.  We had my sis and fam over a few times to eat dinner and chat and once we had a couple of friends but they've never come back.  Today we had company!  John worked on potato salad, cucumber salad and cookies today to prepare for our friends arrival.  Leila and Earnie got here just before dark and the oldest two kiddos chilled in the living room with Legs while Lil Bit had the other three young ladies.  They ran and played for nearly 5 hours!  Then the youngest three went to the basement and played various guitars and ukeleles as the grown up daddies played guitar and bass.  Leila sang beautifully.  I just sat back making videos and taking the occasional picture.  I am thankful we were able to have them over and could afford to feed them too.  It was an awesome night.  I hope we get to do that again soon.

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