Saturday, September 29, 2012

Diary of the Ladybugs Part 2

As previously mentioned in Diary of the Ladybugs, I had planned on doing a ladybug hat for a friend of mine.  You may remember this friend, as I also did the Olivia Blanket for her first granddaughter.  She had requested a ladybug hat for Olivia's first birthday, as it's still a while away I had not begun the project.  Since she was going out of state to see them this weekend though I did go ahead and whip it up and take it to her.  Here is my finished project. :)

It's hard to tell, but the top of the antennae have curly q's.  I did not add very many dots and I did consider putting a black crocheted line down the middle, from the front between the eyes to the back, to aid visualization of two sides or wings.

For the rim of the hat I used standard black Red Heart Super Saver Yarn but for the dots, antennae and face I used Caron Super Soft in black.  I did this because it's a thinner yarn.  When making things to put on a hat it's easy to just slap things on there but when you look at it later you think there is fiber fill or something beneath it because it seems puffier than the rest.  I hate that.  This yarn I stitched on but it wasn't as thick and I feel good that it won't be very heavy.

At the last minute as I was choosing the eyes I decided on fancy buttons. I don't usually do that, however I thought, if I ever were that close to a ladybug it might have more detailed eyes than just a plain button or a yarn blob.  I think these are so adorable that I'll zoom in for ya. :D

Yep, those are awesome!  Hopefully the hat will be the correct size, as I generally go by the sizes found at Bev's Country Cottage when it comes to doing hats for children.  I have been told that they run a bit big but I suppose I'd rather have that than too small.

I had the ladybug hat, another flower for a second hair wrap and a baby hat to complete and mail.  It was super busy and I enjoyed it.  I think I'll do another post about the extra flowers.  Yes I shall do that now.

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