Saturday, June 30, 2012

Olivia Blanket

Oh my, they've updated blogger and I have no idea what I'm doing lol so work with me for a moment. ;)

I've been working more toward putting more time into my crochet. I have several projects going at once and I tend to overwhelm myself then put things off. In November I had told a friend of mine that I'd love to try my hand at crocheting a baby blanket for her first grandbaby and all I needed to know was the sex. I have never crocheted a blanket before. A few months later she found out they were expecting a granddaughter. I had lots going on at the time and forgot about the blanket. In May they were getting closer to the baby's due date. I had yet to start this blanket. I had lunch with my darling friend and she told me that the new mommy's colors were a light pink and brown. I believe my words were "shut-up!" I just so happened to have two small bundles of Red Heart Soft Baby Steps yarn in Cherry Cola. It's a gorgeous yarn and I'd started playing with circles ages ago but never did anything with them. Here was my chance!

I piddled around with the circles and made them squares. It's easier to stitch them together into a blanket that way. I had many made up so I used them up and looked at the remainder of my yarn. Hm. After spacing things out and moving them around I decided to put squares in there also. I made several "basket weave" squares and put those in. I was worried it would be too light around the edges with the baby yarns and would cause the edges to curl. It would also fray/frizz easily with more use on the outer edges. I went to Walmart (as where I am now it's a 45 minute drive to a yarn store) to find more Cherry Cola yarn or something like it. I searched online once before for the Cherry Cola yarn but they want, in some cases, as much as $6 a skein for it and it costs nearly that much to ship it. Um. What?

Instead, I found the Red Heart Super Saver Pink Camo. It's very similar in color, though it is thicker. This should minimize any frizzies! I finished the blanket and added shell edging. It measures roughly 29" x 42". The new grandbaby was born in early June and her name is Olivia. I present to you, the Olivia Blanket. I'll be mailing that this coming week.

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