Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pinwheel Flower Wrap

I've called it HeadWrap, HairWrap, etc but none of them quite fit.  It's not a hat or a head band so I'm unsure what to call it.  What it mostly showcases, however, is the Pinwheel Flower.  I had a request for another one and after making a flower in red with white trim I realized it was more of a holiday looking flower.  I wanted to do another one a little more low-key. 
So I did these two.  The one on the right is just Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Red with the Love This Yarn White Sparkle on the edges.  While the one above is done in Red Heart Super Saver in Buff Fleck with Red Heart Eco-Ways recycled blend yarn in Fern.

I didn't realize that it matched the button but it looks great together. :)  I'm very satisfied with that and delivered both yesterday.

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