Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cool Glow, check 'em...yo

I wanted to throw on here that I've added a new affiliate.  I'm trying to keep this blog very low on the ad revenue end.  Mostly because I've never, ever made money one it...ever.  BUT one can hope. 

I still have Newegg, Lakeside Collection and Amazon but our newest affiliate is Cool Glow.  As with the others, I have this one for a reason.  I love things that glow. They not only keep the kids busy but they're a life saver when one is "scared of the dark, mommy".  I LOVE them at Halloween.  There are so many uses for them.  Putting them in balloons at evening parties, putting them in a votive rather than a candle and my favorite is simply safety.  We walk a lot on Halloween night to gather goodies and it helps to know where my kiddos are and for them to find me.  It's bright enough to spot them, or they can use them to see where they're going.  They can put them on their shoes, wear glow rings, bracelets or necklaces.  They wear them on Drive-In night also.  They're just good fun!

Cool Glow has a 10% off sale on the link to the right or use SAVE10 at checkout.  If you use one of my links to get there, I might get some change in return. :p 

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