Sunday, April 19, 2015

TortChore Chart

Torture.  I torture my children.  Yep, I admit it.  Every day, 7 days a week.  With Chores.  I absolutely do have a list of chores and the kids are required to do them.  I'm so horrible.

Years ago I wanted to get my boys into doing chores simply to help me out because they were in elementary/middle school and their dad was away for work.  I started a chore chart.  That never took off.  So I came up with cutting out the chores and putting the papers in a container so they could shake it and choose one to do.  It wasn't long before they were tired of that.  It came down to: *pulls paper* Nope. *puts paper in*...*pulls paper* Nope. *puts paper in*...*pulls paper*THIS AGAIN?!?

We tried lists off an on but nothing would stick.  A few months ago I offered an allowance (something I never do) for services rendered, as it were.  4th grader gets $5 per week if he completes his.  9th grader gets his cell phone paid for each month, $50 through straighttalk.  No worky, no pay, no phone.  We started again with 3 choices off of the list per week and they had 3 daily things that had to be done, make the bed, pick up laundry in their room and keep the floor clean.  After a month that went down the toilet.  They started being "forgetting" to do chores until Saturday and still expected pay.  sigh.  They were worn out and aggravated because they waited a week and had to do it all at once. 

I told these lovely children, whom I torture, that they could try something fun and just do one a day.  One chore a day and that would just take so much stress off.  They fell for it.  Suckers.  It was another two months before they realized they were doing 7 chores a week.  Of course once the bomb dropped they refused to do anything.  LilBit though had amassed a pretty good deal of money.  Legs gets his phone...or he doesn't.  Either way, I win.  It's a little bit of aggravation when I have to chase them across the house listing the blue million things I run circles around them with chore-wise but they eventually get stuff done.
This is the one I did for the kids.

Today I decided to redo the chore list.  Since they think it's torture anyway I decided to name it their Tort-chore List.  I've made a pdf so all of you delightful parents can join me in torturing your children.  Cmon, it's good for them. :D *insert devious laughter*

I used some minecraft images found all over the known world and left things blank for you to add your own tortures chores.
Click here for your PDF download

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