Friday, April 24, 2015

So much for the last day of Frost

The final frost date of the year was about a week and a half ago.  That's almost never the case but it's like Daylight Savings Time, it's a made up la-la-land kind of thing that's just to make some old fart in DC happy and feel like he's accomplished something.  Yep, Frost Warning for last night/this morning. So last night after a dinner of Walmart frozen Chinese food (yeah I said it but I make that stuff gooood), Handsome Hubby and I waddled out to the strawberry garden to pull a tarp and piece of plastic over our strawberries.  At the moment they are the only things in the ground (from last year) and we don't want to lose those little guys.

That means this morning, 6am freakin Casio sounding alarm clock strikes.  Pft, it's Friday and the kids don't care, dog barking, yup, 10 more minutes.  He can wait.  Abuse? Nope he's a year old, that's bladder control buddy.  So 6:10 I drag out of bed, throw on a bra (ugh) and jeans and stumble to the kids rooms.  LilBit, already up watching videos.  "The dog's been barking for 10 minutes.  Are you even dressed?"  LilBit: "Nah."  He continues to blah blah and I walk out.

Legs fell asleep on the couch at 6:30-7pm last night but found his room in the night sometime.  He's awake but not up.  Down the stairs.  Let the dog out and tell him he needs to be quiet.  He's learning the art of SHH.  Then it's over to the coffee, down the stairs to find something sports team related because it's Sports Team dress up day at school.  They're doing this to get money for Relay for Life this year but instead of an actual Relay they're having them dress up on Fridays and bring a dollar for 2 months.  Can't see the error in that. sigh.

Nothing in the basement.  Nothing on the first floor.  Panting, I go let the dog in.  It's 37 degrees afterall.  I take him up to LilBit's room and deposit him there so I can go outside.  The sun is very nearly up and I've got to uncover the strawberries.  Uncover those and leave that crap in the yard.  Whatever, it's not strawberries.  Come in, go release the dog and find a Steelers jacket for LilBit.  Throw clothes on both kids bed, unspeaking, and walk out.  I'll see those little boogers in 15 minutes.  Oh Lord 15 minutes? It's only 6:30?? sigh. It's going to be a long day.  But at least we'll have strawberries this summer. I don't have strawberry pics so instead you get the onions planted last spring bloomed this spring with bumblebees and our indoor tomato plants...Lego For Scale :p

How has your gardening fared?

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