Thursday, April 23, 2015

Not a dog groomer

I'm a lot of things around here, wife, mom, 80s music in-van lounge singer, bad dancer, sometimes cook and cleaner, crafter, off my rocker, but dog groomer I am not.  I don't keep up with grooming like I should.  Our Miniature Schnauzer, Moose, dislikes it and just wants to lie down and shake lightly instead of being groomed standing.  It takes me longer than I'd like because I wait too long to do it.  The first "after winter" grooming I did (because he should have longer hair for warmth and let's face it, they're cute when they're all curly) I wished I'd had sheep sheers.  Seriously, I said that.  Hubby was against it but we watched it on Dr Pol so it has to be legal.

Last night I finished the groom job and while Moose is hardly ever stationary, it's a beautiful day out and he's walking a path past my already unruly Apple Mint plants.  Those, by the way, are for sale.  The dog is not.  Most days.  He is pretty cute though. :)