Monday, April 27, 2015

There it lies...

Monday.  The last Monday of April.  Monday.  Start of 3-5 days of chocolate and coffee consumption beyond reasonable amounts.  Monday on the week of TCAPs.  Where is my motivation?  Friday.  My motivation will arrive on Friday.  Probably on the wings of angels or something magnificent.  Creativity?  Hm.  Not had that in a few weeks.  Handsome Hubby's the one that's been rocking out these benches, I'm just helping move wood, paint wood and wash brushes.  I can't think of a thing that would be great to crochet and when I do it, nothing moves.  sigh.

I've considered taking on a full time job.  That's right, outside of the home.  However, this summer I'll be keeping my two nephews one if not two full days each week.  Handsome Hubs works from home doing not one but THREE full time jobs and keeping LilBit happy and quiet is hard enough (Legs is a teenager, he'll be on the computer or cell phone all day) but add two nephews in there and it's near impossible to get anything else done.  Plus we've doubled the size of our garden, have about 12 blueberry bushes that output all summer, strawberry plants already blooming, blackberry bushes that the nephews help me pick and clear off and possibly 2-5 young ladies (daughters of my friend Leila) that may come visit so their mom can find a moment of sanity. I'm not sure where to squeeze in full time employment. lol

Okay, procrastination.  I've got to get a shower dude.  Get behind me Satan, I've got a Monday to tackle!!

The good news?  Only 3 more Mondays left in the school year! Wait.  Is that good news?

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