Monday, November 8, 2010

Snowman and flowers

Snowman Hats!
I've had an idea in my head to work on snowmen for a while.  Finally I finished him and he looked bare on top.  I attempted several times to do a top hat but I just couldn't seem to get it.  Instead I decided on another hat to keep him warm!  This one I did does have a whole other hat on top, sewn on, but others following will be 1/2 one color, then white, with a band across to look like another hat (or folded band).  I figure I could do the top in any color really and do the band in the same color but in a lighter/darker shade.  Pompom is optional but sure is cute :)

I also made a bracelet from the Bernat yarn that I used in the top portion of the hat and used orange for a flower.  That could be bought with the hat or purchased separate on Etsy.  Let me know if you want more than one item so I can create a special private listing for you.

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