Sunday, November 14, 2010

Half Life

Half Life (and it's babies HL2, all the episodes, etc) found a place in our home many many years ago.  A couple of years ago Valve (creator) and Steam (online game client) created the Orange Box, a collection of many of their games all in one box.  Steam allows users who have the game to go online and share their stats and play with other people from around the world.  Not only can we LAN from computer to computer and play but also with family members in other states.  (With them having their own game and key, of course.)  We've been die-hard fans for years!

When Legs asked me for a hat, he asked for a ghost from Pac-Man.  That one wasn't turning out the way I had hoped so I asked what else he wanted.  Well of course his answer wasn't a hat at all but an XBox 360 and Halo Reach.  sigh.  Yeah I walked right into that one.  So we discussed what about his favorite games (and his dads) we could do for a hat.  As we were flipping through images on google I saw The Orange Box and their emblem stood out to me.  Originally it was designed after an arm and hand grasping a crowbar, something often used as the only or primary weapon in Half Life games.  Legs loves it and wore it to school to tell everyone how much he loves the games and the hat. :)  This hat is strictly fan art from folks that admire the games.  If you are considering purchase, please be aware that it is in no way a licensed product.  I have no affiliation with Steam or Valve whatsoever.

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