Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quack Attack and Red One Eyed Monster

These lil fellas are traded to a very talented artist, beautiful person and fantastic friend of mine for some art work.

I can however make these for selling, check my ETSY page (link on the right).

Quack Quack Quack  :)  Little Ducky here is all done but I had considered crocheting a bow or flower for the top left (right in the photo).  I can also do another beak and stitch them together to make an open mouth for quacking.  Just a thought. :p

This is similar to the Green Monster I've done before but it was requested in red and with ear flaps.  I had a much easier time with the horns on this one, the eye is a bit smaller and not quite so filled with fiberfill.  I can also change up the colors of the braid to look less like peppermint and throw in some brown.  Maybe even some hair or something.  Again, brain storming. 

Hit my Etsy shop if you'd like one custom made.  Message (convo) me there or email me from here to discuss what size and changes you would like made. :)

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