Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Girls

I was going to wait about doing this until I have these at least mailed but I'm ruining the surprise because I just can't wait!

As expensive as some of them are, it's not like you can buy one of these little dolls every season.  The American Girl doll series is all one niece talks about when she comes to visit.  When, recently, another niece had a birthday I was flipping through mom and dad's pics on facebook when I saw to my surprise that she too had an American Girl doll.  Immediately I thought of how fun it would be to make them both hats!  (As seen here on Lil Bit)

So has begun my new idea.  My American Twins line!  Yes a LINE.  Aren't I all grown up now?

American Twins via @Home Ninja!  Each pair will have a collection name.  This one will be named the Helen Rose collection.

If I show you the first, I must show you it's companion.  Sorry about the lighting.  It was very sunny and I just couldn't find the perfect light.  Both hats are done with the Candy Print yarn by Red Heart that I used on a couple other hats early on.  I placed a blue flower, with 2 green leaves and a green edge around the bottom.

If you have ideas on what you would like for your daughter and her American Girl doll... favorite colors, does she like flowers, ducks, cherries, etc, send me an email and I'll come up with two beautiful hats to grace their even more beautiful heads!

Check out our new Etsy page listed on the right for all of our new hats!

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