Thursday, December 1, 2016

How about a little Pinkie Pie?

A couple dear friends of ours has a one year old daughter.  Well, she'll be one on the 10th.  She's adorable and so far she only really likes My Little Pony. With her birthday approaching and my pockets being filled only with lint, I decided to make the lil doll a Pinkie Pie hat!  I love Pinkie.  I love her energy and positive messages.

I searched high and low until I found a pattern I liked.  Generally, I do not purchase patterns that don't allow me to sell things I make.  I just don't.  Or, if by chance, I do like one and want to buy it, I'll not pay more than a couple of dollars.  I made an exception this time.  Things I will say before I post the link, however... The pattern is $4.25 USD.  You can not sell anything you make from this pattern. Bummer.

It is completely adorable.  I had absolutely no difficulty in reading or doing any of the pattern/stitches.  The only thing I wish she had added was the placement of the eyes, curls, etc.  I did this hat, again, for a one year old so I should have used a smaller hook than an E for the balloons, perhaps even stitched them on.  Otherwise, there was the perfect amount of curls and adorability. ;)

Pinkie Pie Crochet Hat Pattern Here

See, adorable!  

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