Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WIP (Work In Progress)

Having crocheted for a while there are a few things I don't usually say or ...well, who what they're talking about.  WIP is one I don't usually use.  (Although, I did think some of the images with yarn and needles/hooks that say Watch me WIP Watch Me Nae Nae are hilarious.)  I've been quite busy since the first of the year.  I did a Crochet Slouchy Beanie by Vickie Howell, a Pusheen Cat for my niece, 4 sets of gloves for my two boys and two of their friends, an owl hat and a wolf hat that is similar to the one Unravel Me does for the fox.

The links above go directly to the places to get patterns for the things I've created.  I do occasionally make my own patterns but not that often.  I see something and I either find their pattern or wing it.  I really stink at writing things down which makes it terribly hard when someone else wants one.  I already have a tried and true pattern for hats similar to the fox/wolf hat so I used mine with the idea of nose and eye button placement from Unravel Me.  I figured out the nose itself and a good triangle for the ears.  Because I put so much into it, however, I will likely be putting this up as a pattern at some point.  I especially love how the ears turned out. I'll need to play with my hook size as it did come out a bit small for a newborn, I think, so it's still a WIP.

I have several more things on my plate coming up.  I want to make many more of these wolf and owl hats, perhaps even some fox, to take to my local maturity shop.  I do love being able to sell things locally.  I will probably make another 4-6 total of those and I have 4 of the doily cardigan sweaters I have to start.  I think I've got enough yarn now to get those started.  I'm using Caron Simply Soft Ombre Grape Purple and Coffee Latte Brown, as was the colors requested.  (Why is it so hard to find good pics of yarn??)  I also received permission from LevelUp Nerd Apparel to make and sell some of the Legend of Zelda inspired gloves.  I have been asked only to allow her to set the price.  It's her pattern, her rules guys.  However, because the gloves go up the arm several inches I do offer a shorter version of the same design for those looking for that.  This is only one of the color sets I've done.  I've done Sage green with yellow triforce, deep purple with yellow, black with deep purple triforce, same red with blue triforce and a spring green with yellow (a la John Deere...which is odd but that's what kiddo wanted to gift his friend...matches favorite shirt or something).

SO busy days ahead and I know I've said it a multitude of times but maybe I'll finally get on here more often to update. :D


  1. I love seeing the stuff you're working on. Great job with the wolf hat!

  2. Thank you Thank you :D I'd been thinking about it, saved an image or two and just did it. Saturday just felt like a crochet day. :p