Sunday, February 8, 2015

Where did two months go??

Okay, yes, I did some major blog slacking for...twoish months.  Yep.  No denial here.  Things got kinda crazy.  We had family come in over Thanksgiving, then a rush to get things done in December before the kids were out for vacation, Christmas came and went with friends coming in from all over to visit, January flew by with the return of school, snow days, crochet work, building a new table and choir concerts.  This month we've had a birthday party and hopefully more crochet to go out the door!

SO... Today I bring to you *drum roll please* Bunny Slippers!

Yeppers, little newborn bunny slippers.  I've seen these totally adorable pair online (Etsy and Ravelry) that are just gorgeous.  Two Girls Patterns has some of the most adorable pairs of all!  Sadly, things being slow and it being right after Xmas I don't have a lot of cash in the ole pocketbook so I decided to come up with my own pattern.

I did not steal their pattern or their photos.  I'm not the first nor the last to have the idea of baby booties, I just preferred their design to others and I give them mad props for their adorable booties.  I also fully intend to purchase the ones they have for toddlers, as I don't have any in my stock pile for that size.  If you type crochet baby bunny slippers into Etsy you get roughly 192 returns so there are plenty to choose from out there.

I have done numerous things over the past month and a half to put in my shop and this was the most recent.  It all started last week *insert dream sequence transfer to the past* ... I was on facebook, as I often am, for inspiration and suggestions.  Once again I got the "ohhh you should try flip flips!" from one of the many people who think they are cute but 1) don't have girls 2) don't buy from me 3) want them in adult sizes which would be suicide in yarn flipflops.  So I found a pattern I liked and gave it another try.  I've done them before and was not satisfied with the result.  These were adorable so I put pics on FB first before I put them on Etsy. I prefer to give friends and family first dibs.  How I roll 1-0-1.  The woman who use to drive the bus my kids were on just loved them.  She's always been just wonderful to my boys and now to my nephew.  Her nephew is also one of my son's very best friends.  We'll call her Mrs. N.

Mrs. N. purchased the flip flops and wants them in pink and white.  Her granddaughter is due end of March.  So I think, why just do flip flops?  Certainly they won't want them on her to come home, March is still cool here in TN so I thought about making her some little sneaker booties I've worked on.  Nope.  My skeleton fingers just can't make them small enough for a newborn.  Okay so what else?  Easter is around her due date so why not bunnies?!  Found the image on pinterest, went to Etsy, decided I could do that and had at it. :D  I surprised her with them on Friday along with her flip flops.  I refused to take any money for the second pair because, well they're a gift.  It's the least I can do because she doesn't just drive a bus, she LOVES "her kids" and always worked with me when the boys had issues.  So, for good measure (and now that I've already told you all about the flippy floppies anyway) here are the 3-6 month flip flops I made for her too.

If you would like some like this, message me (email on the side there), comment or head over to my @Home Ninja by Keisha page and order or Convo me :)  Favorite if you want to follow my goings-on.

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