Monday, January 6, 2014

Ooo la la Swiffer Sweepers

A few years ago I bought a Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaner.  I got some use out of it but I didn't much care for the fact you can only get one unit cleaning solution.  It's $6-7 for a new bottle.  I'm cheap.  I love to refill things.  Plus the cleaning pads are another $6!

I crochet, darnit, certainly I could figure something out to use that thing again.  I've had it hanging around the house, moved it for 5 year or more.  Certainly I can use that for something.

Then I found it.  A free crochet pattern for the cleaning pads to fit a swiffer.  Oh sure I've seen it online before but this time, this time I was going to make it!  I'm even going to point out the pattern I used so you can use it as well.  Linda Permann wrote up a pattern and it is on makezine.

Ah but then it leaves me buying that stupid solution.  Oh wait, but it doesn't!  How to remove the cap on a Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaner!?!?  YES! There it was, the answer!  hee hee!

So tonight I spent my time making the cleaning pad and taking the top from the cleaner to wash and refill it with hot water and white vinegar.  I did a quick clean on the roughly 550 sq ft of kitchen, dining room and hall.  Tomorrow I will do the bathrooms and anything else I can think of.  Maybe I'll redo the kitchen. LOL  I'm excited!  Is that lame? :p  It was great though and I've even thought about making a dusting glove.  Yeah.  I'm lame. LOL

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