Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Doctor Who Tardis Necklace

I'm branching out!  I have a deep love for all things Doctor Who.  Since the comeback in 2005 the show has gone 8 seasons (with the 8th having just started), 4 doctors and a series of companions.  A few weeks ago I saw several beautiful keyrings on Etsy with the Police Box.  I had an idea for a series of necklaces (and maybe keyrings on request) for myself and other Doctor Who lovers at large.

This is the first.

I have made two of these so far and they are ready to rock their way out the door to your house.  The Tardis adorns the main space while the charms on the sides represent Doctor Who #10, David Tennant, who wore Converse sneakers and of course the rose for Rose Tyler, first companion and Bad Wolf.  I adore the blue beads with rhinestones.  Yeah I said it.  Rhinestones.  Generally I think rhinestones are something better left in 70's country music and 80's bedazzling but on these beautiful blue spacers they give it the appearance that brings to mind the heartless daleks, the doctor's nemesis (one of them).

I will have enough charms to make more once I get more of the 18 inch snake chains I'm using.  These are perfect since they help hold the charms more outward rather than letting the charms slouch on top of the tardis. 

Since this is all wibbly wobbly timey wimey you should buy it now lest I sold out 10 minutes ago. :D  $30 with free shipping.  For the moment you'll have to email me but I'll have an Etsy link up soon.  Email link on the right.

*This is FAN ART.  I have collected the charms from different sellers all over the Continental US (nothing from overseas) and put them together on my own.   This has taken quite a bit of time and work.  I am not affiliated with the BBC but am a fan of their production.  First come, first serve.  Anything that is custom may take longer if I need to order more supplies.

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