Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello there Kitty cat

While I love (LOVE) anime and lots of Japanese kawaii, I never understood the fascination with Hello Kitty. I've never watched it, though it's been around since 1974. I've seen lots of crochet out there recently for Hello Kitty though and a friend of mine had asked if I could do such a thing. I wasn't all that sure but figured I could try. I did indeed crochet the hat and think it turned out pretty well.

I used Red Heart Yarns throughout. Nothing too fancy. I did, however, take special care with it because I've seen some that just didn't take the cake. It's easy to make things look sloppy on a white crochet hat. The bow was simply a strip of left to right crochet. I suppose about 10 dc back and forth for about 4 inches. I made a small strip for the middle and single crochet them together in the back. I thought that was easier, in case something happens to the bow, it's a simple replacement. Plus it makes the corners stand up well for a good crisp edge. For the ears I did a crab stitch over them.

I looked at a lot of photos via google before I settled on one I liked. Generally I like to find one that I love and mimic it. Be it a hand drawing, a sticker from the 80s or movie poster. If I think I can do it, I do. Or take bits from one or two that I like. It's art. I'm not always perfect with it and don't always think it's a great job but I like to make people happy. The young teen girl was overjoyed with it. I've never met her but her mother says she loves me. :p To make a kiddo that happy with some yarn and knots, makes me incredibly happy. :)

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