Friday, January 27, 2017

Crocheting some Valentine's Rose Rings

I've decided to take a bit of a break from doing the Messy Bun Hats and concentrate on something I worked on a bit a couple of years ago.  Rose rings!

I'm a big ole softie.  It doesn't have to be a dozen roses or a box of chocolates but something from the heart or just something adorable.  This is a bit of all that ... except the chocolate.  Chocolate is always appreciated. Mmmm Chocolate.  Wait.  I'm getting off course here.

Here are just 4 of the rings I've finished.  From left to right I have the small red rose, large white, small white and larger red.  I say "larger" because it's not the biggest one but it's bigger than the other pictured.  All but the red on the end have alternating rings.  If there's a red flower, the band is white and if there's a white flower the ring is red.  Only the one on the end has a yellow band, just to show another option.

I plan on doing these in other colors.  I have an Orchid purple, Teal green, Mint green, Yellow, and Somewhere I have the variegated threads you see at Walmart and craft stores.  So if there's a color you want, I'll be able to make it.  You can have your choice of matching band or the standard white/black/red.

I'm also looking into doing other flowers like daisies or orchid type flowers.  I can also add a button or bead in the center. I'll be doing some photos of those later in this weekend/week if we ever get proper lighting.  All these photos were taken yesterday when we almost had sunshine.  Almost.

This is the small white flower with white band and the larger red with yellow band on my hand.

As with the Messy Bun Hats, I'm selling these and donating the profits toward my son and his class.  I'm not sure if I posted about it here but my son, 16, is in his high school's Advanced Choir and they are hoping to attend Festival Disney in April.  They've done a lot of fundraising and none of the appx 30 children are paid off enough to go.  It's almost February so we're making our last push before it's time to start selling furniture. LOL

SO, if anyone wants these I'll be putting them up on my Etsy page, today I hope, and they will be $6 each.  I'm paying shipping out of pocket and 100% of the sale goes to help Advanced Choir students make the trip.  (This does not include the state tax which I make Etsy add.) I'd love to see your comments or requests so hop on down there and add some. :D

OHHH! I also have a new facebook link for the shop!  So come Like it! :D

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