Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grr baby Very grr... Lion Hat

A friend requested a hat for Christmas for her hubby.  I've known my friend since we were 5 years old and her hubby for about 15 years so I have a good idea of how oddball we all are.  She said "whatever you've been thinking about making, make one in this size".  Well nothing I had at the time said "make me".  I hate that.  I started on one item and half way through the hat I had a vision.  My friend's hubby with his brood of 3 kiddles, the pride so to speak.  The image of this Lion popped into my head and before the night was out I had finished. 

Ok that's not exactly true, I did have to work on that wacky hair for a while.  I am completely unaccustomed to using the fur yarn and it was very difficult to use.  To the point that when it didn't do what I told it to, I wanted to smash it with a hammer.  Too bad it was already flat or that would have actually done something to it. :p  I'm most proud of the eyes, I think.  The nose area also.  I still snarl a bit at the hair but it does look good. :)  Ear flaps included and he seemed to have really enjoyed it. So I'm happy.  Still debating if I want to make these to sell.  Comment your thoughts.

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