Friday, April 13, 2018

Another year away from blogging

Sigh. Sorry, for anyone who happened to follow this ... I had gone through a bit of depression and did not go crazy with crochet.

During the summer I did do a ton of barefoot crochet. A friend was having a wedding and wanted a few sets of barefoot sandals so I got to it.  After I made those I made, easily, 1/2 dozen more more and attempted to sell them.  Those still have not sold on Etsy

Today, I scrolled down my blog page.  That's depressing.  At the bottom are the bun hats that everyone wanted but then no one paid for (even commissions they ended up with), I made those flower rings and nothing sold, I still have the brain/heart and I still have the commissioned octopus.  Selling your items ends in heartache. I don't know how people make money at it.  I don't think they do.  I think they make their money from their blogs.  I don't have any ad revenue from this page. Sure I have ads but Google never re-approved me from a screw up years ago.  They've put a lot of effort in putting me into the "it should only take a few hours to get back to you" stage for the past 2 years though.

In the past year, I've learned to crochet for the love of it and for the stress relief of it.  I think I will go through what I've done in the past year and post updates on here in case someone stumbles their way to my blog. :)

I still have quite a few items on my Etsy page for those looking for Bunny Booties, Slouch hats or barefoot sandals!

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